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Cranial Release Technique (CRT)

Full Body Relief in Under 3 Minutes

A “Quick Fix” in the health industry should always be approached critically, but a little more research into the CRT will show you what 3 minutes with Dr. Pellegrino can do for your wellness.

Cranial Release Technique is a readjustment that influences your entire body

pellegrino healing wellness acupuncture chiropractic nutrition health As we move through our busy lives and chronic low-level stress, studies have shown that brain hemisphere activity can become unbalanced, causing everything from structural pain to emotional unease.

Ever wonder why stubbing a toe can give you a headache? CRT manipulates the connective tissue (fascia) over your skull, which is connected to the rest of your body. This allows for a major release of tension that starts in the nervous system and can spread to all of the muscles and connective tissue. The brain can then shift away from stressful responses like “fight or flight” and focus on internal healing.

Patients have reported feeling clearer headed, regaining balance and experiencing faster recovery times from injury.

And the best part? It never takes more than three minutes.

How does it work?

Take a look at this explanatory video by Fox Media Inc.

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