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Nutritional Counseling

Reboot Your Lifestyle

The Need for Nutritional Counseling: Our lives are hectic, fast-paced and stressful. It’s no wonder that over a third of America is clinically obese. In Fact, there are many more suffering from dietary-influenced diseases.

Nutritional Counseling is a partnership.pellegrino healing wellness acupuncture chiropractic nutrition health

It’s not a lecture. It’s not one-size-fits all. And it is never judgmental. Dr. Pellegrino works with you to create actionable plans to address health problems and sustain healthy practices. She reviews your medical history, current dietary supplements, lifestyle goals and habits. She learns about you, and in the process, you will learn about yourself.

Why do I need it?

  • Improve General Health, Energy and Mood
    Every body is different and requires different nutrients in different proportions. Braving the day without proper nutrition can lead to exhaustion, less brain power and a more sickness. If you are often tired, unwell, or generally discontent, nutrition counseling may be for you.pellegrino healing wellness acupuncture chiropractic nutrition health
  • Manage Pre-Existing Conditions
    Those with heart disease, allergies, high cholesterol and other health conditions have reported that strengthening their nutritional intake has improved their medical issues: sometimes drastically! This is because nutritional counseling gets at the root of the problem- not the symptoms. Therefore, giving your body the tools to heal itself is the often the first step to recovery.
  • Reduce Unhealthy Body Weight and Get in Shape Quickly
    Readjusting one’s lifestyle to meet weight goals is often a scary, disappointing process. But it doesn’t need to be. Work together with Dr. Pellegrino and save time, money and stress. Additionally, Dr. Pellegrino is a practitioner of SHAPE Reclaimed. This┬ácomprehensive detox and weight reduction program combines homeopathic supplements, recipes and motivation material to get you feeling better, faster and longer.

IsAgenix Nutritional & Weight Loss Productspellegrino healing wellness acupuncture chiropractic nutrition health

Depending on your unique situation & goals, Dr. Pellegrino may recommend your use of an IsAgenix line of supplements.

Weight loss, bone and joint support, kids health, nutritional supplements and more are all available from the IsAgenix line. Dr. Pellegrino will help you carefully collect and consider all your options and pick the best supplement for you.

Ask Dr. Pellegrino about nutritional cleansing.

Healthy nutrition is one of the key pillars of wellness. Dr. Pellegrino helps you get there.

So is it spinach and cottage cheese from now on?

pellegrino healing wellness acupuncture chiropractic nutrition healthMost definitely not! You do not need to give up your favorite foods- in fact studies have shown that cutting out your favorites can greatly reduce your chances of success. Dr. Pellegrino works with you to make the transition to a healthy lifestyle as easy and natural as possible.

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SHAPE Reclaimed Nutritional Counseling
SHAPE Reclaimed nutritional counseling

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Ask Dr. Pellegrino about nutritional cleansing.