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A non-invasive, centuries-old practice, acupuncture addresses the whole person to bring their body back to its natural, healthy state.

Acupuncture Unleashes Your Body’s Innate Ability to Heal Itself

pellegrino healing wellness acupuncture chiropractic nutrition health


There are over 2,000 pressure points in the body. Each has a specific function that influences virtually every part of the body. Skilled acupuncturists stimulate these points with small needles, relieving pain and increasing natural balance. Acupuncture is not a drug with unexpected or nasty side effects. Rather it is a comprehensive wellness regime that focuses on energy balance, diet and exercises to solve the root of the problem.

Traditional Chinese medicine holds that the universe is intricately connected. By extension, so are human bodies. The mind and body is one energetic organism, with a vital life force (qi) that is responsible for its proper function. This energy flows through the body via meridians (pathways). This flow can be blocked by emotional imbalance, prolonged exposure to unhealthy temperatures and/or mechanical injuries.

Does it hurt?

pellegrino healing wellness acupuncture chiropractic nutrition health


An acupuncture needle is less than a fourth the diameter of a sewing needle: .25mm. While some patients experience a slight pinch or pressure, most report feeling nothing at all.

However, for those that are uncomfortable with needles, Dr. Pellegrino offers laser treatment and Tsumo-Shin. These stimulate the points in the same way – totally needle free.

Practices and Results


Depending on each unique body, people react to acupuncture differently. Yet many studies have confirmed that the practice can help lower inflammation, open up energetic flow and relieve chronic pains like arthritis. During treatment, patients often report feeling highly relaxed and heavy, sometimes slightly numb or lethargic.

Dr. Pellegrino uses the five elements (Fire, water, wood, metal and earth), traditional Chinese medicine, I-Cheng, and Master Tung’s practices. She believes in a holistic approach that addresses not only your current medical needs, but also possible future problems.

Dr. Pellegrino received her Diplomat in Acupuncture through Logan University.

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